Club and Stadium Report – SV Empor Berlin

Todays Club and Stadium report focusses on Prenzlauer Berg’s SV Empor Berlin, who we went along to see in their 2-1 BerlinLiga defeat at the hands of Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf.

The History

With over 600 members, SV Empor Berlin boast the largest football department in the Pankow district. During the DDR years, the club spent a lot of the time floating around between the lower divisions of the East German league system, the highest point being when they were able to reach the Bezirkliga in 1989. Following the reunification of the nation and the city, the East German Bezirkliga sides were integrated in to the West German system and Empor found themselves spending most of the subsequent decade in the Landesliga (except for a 3 year stint in the Bezirkliga between 2000 and 2003). In 2008, they were promoted to the Berlin Liga and have been there ever since.

The Stadium

Empor play their home games at the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark and are usually playing their games in the small stadium next to the Cantianstrasse entrance. The ground itself is a really nice setting for watching football with trees lining one end and impressive buildings in that typical East Berlin style overlooking the pitch from the opposite side to the road. It is also reported that this pitch is the oldest known football pitch in Berlin.  Having watched both games in the depths of winter and the height of summer here, I must say that it is one more suited for Summer evenings The ground holds around about 500 people, most people tending to congregate in front of the clubhouse. The clubhouse itself is a small affair but is very friendly and modestly priced. 

The Way

Take the U2 to Eberswalder Strasse and follow signs to the Stadium and Cantianstrasse. The entrance is through the building on your right hand side as you enter on the left of Cantianstrasse. Alternatively, you can take the Ring Bahn or other S-Bahn services to Schoenhauser Allee which is about a 7 minute walk away from the stadium.

The Beer

Unfortunately for local beer enthusiasts, the only tap beer on offer is Schalke-sponsoring and general “distinctly average pilsner”, Veltins. Again though, as is always the case in Berlin, it’s €2 a pint so it would be very rude to take too much issue with it. They also sell bottles of Hefeweizen and these are priced at €2.50 a go. 

The Food

Bratwurst and Boulette were available and were priced at €2 each.

The Tax

€6, programmes are usually available for €1

With thanks to Glenn for spotting the mistakes in here

2 thoughts on “Club and Stadium Report – SV Empor Berlin

  1. Should have only been 6 Euro to get in! Programmes are also usually available for 1 Euro, however the media manager is on holidays i believe. They should be available for your next visit.

    • I have a BerlinLiga season ticket so sometimes completely forget to check . This is the last time I trust someone who has drunk 5 beers to remember how much they paid to get in! Cheers. Will edit it now.

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