Club and Stadium Report: Berliner SC

Todays Club and Stadium report focuses on one of Berliner SC who are one of Berlins oldest sport clubs. We were there for their BerlinLiga defeat against Eintracht Mahlsdorf.


The History

Located in the sleepy district of Grunewald, Berliner SC have a rich history across multiple different sports. The original football division of Berliner SC can boast honours in the shape of the 1930 German Championship. This was, however, as Hertha BSC who broke away from the overall club following the post war dissolution of sport clubs across a newly occupied Germany. In recent years, Berliner SC have floated between the Landesliga and the BerlinLiga and currently reside in the 6th tier and had an impressive finish to last years campaign, finishing 4th,

View from the small stand at Berliner SC. Photo courtesy of D.A.W.B

View from the small stand at Berliner SC. Photo courtesy of D.A.W.B

The Stadium

Berliner SC have their Club Home at the Hubertussportplatz on Hubertsallee in West Berlin. The complex itself has facilities for multiple different sports and it is not uncommon to be able to catch a Rugby or Hockey match straight after the Football (why you would want to, I don’t know). The football pitch is the main Grass surface in the complex and is located to your left as you enter. It is possible to sit near the clubhouse so you aren’t too far from the beer and still be able see the game but there is also a small, seated stand that runs adjacent to the touchline. 

The Way

Take the Ring Bahn to Halansee where you can pick up the M29 bus direction Grunewald/Rosenbeck to Herthastrasse. You can also take other S and U Bahn services to Zoologischer Garten and pick up the same bus. The ground is opposite the bus stop and can be found on your left hand side.

The Beer

Beer is only available from the clubhouse and is priced at €2.80 for 0.5l. The beer they serve is Veltins.

The Food

Unlike most stadiums around the city, there is no grill at Berliner SC but they do have an extensive menu in the clubhouse. They do everything from proper meals down to Wurst and Pommes. Between us we sampled the Burger and the Currywurst which were both pretty good and priced at €6.50 and €3.50 respectively which was excellent value for what you get.

An proper unit of a Burger. Photo courtesy of D.A.W.B

An proper unit of a Burger. Photo courtesy of D.A.W.B

The Tax

€7 for adults, €5 for concessions, €3 for kids

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