Club and Stadium Report: Tennis Borussia Berlin


Following yesterdays profile on 1.FC Union, I thought it was only fair to give my other love in this city the long overdue profile that they deserve. If you are one of the 14 people who read this blog regularly or you know me personally, you’ll be aware that I love Tennis Borussia Berlin, like really fucking love them. This is a club that has genuinely made my life in Berlin even more enjoyable than it already was. It is a club where I have met some of the coolest and nicest people I know, a club which has given me both the coldest and the wettest football matches I’ve ever experienced (Turkyemispor at home, SCC Charlottenburg at home), a club where the fans dedication and passion to some pretty dire football is unique and a club that has given me an excuse to explore the deepest recesses of Brandenburg for some pre-season friendlies. The openness and welcoming nature of the support is second to none and I personally find it physically impossible not to enjoy myself at the Mommsenstadion or when travelling around the other grounds in the city with TeBe. So, here is the extremely biased profile of by far the greatest team, Berlin has ever seen…. LILA-WEISSE!!!!!!


The History

This may seem like a bit of a cop out for the 2nd day running but when there is such a good history, auf Englisch, already written on the website, I think it is slightly pointless for me with all of my 1 years of knowledge to try and explain to you the history of a club who have been in existence for more than a century. If anybody knows who wrote this history, please let me know so they can be credited as it is a truly fantastic and concise piece of work.

A link to this can be found below.


The Stadium

The Mommsenstadion is an odd one. Massive for its league, it does unfortunately seem very empty on even the busiest of match days. The stadium holds 15,000 people (11,500 according to the Fussballmafia), 1800 of which are in the rather grand looking old seated tribune. With attendances currently sitting at between 200 and 400 (by far the highest in the 6th tier) on a weekly basis, it doesn’t take a seasoned Groundhopper to work out just how desolate and soulless that can look.

TeBe have resided in the Mommsenstadion since the end of the 2nd world war and despite several attempts to move them to the Poststadion in Moabit, they still remain in what many see as their rightful Eichkamp home.

It is, like so many in Germany, plagued by being a multi-purpose stadium meaning that there is a running track and American Football posts dotted around the pitch.  All this aside though, it is definitely worth visiting for so many other reasons than the actual stadium which is, aside from the nice looking stand, pretty damn average.

Still this should not deter you from getting along to a game. Get down to the Mommsenstadion and  chat with people, listen to the array of languages being spoken on the terraces, take in  the fantastic mix of punk and alternative music being blared out over the abysmal speaker system and get involved in  the unbelievably funny multilingual and multi-tonal singing coming from the E-Block (which, I must add, is where you HAVE to stand). There is also a massive chance you’ll meet one of the many English/Half English supporters from clubs as diverse as Fulham, Brentford, Arsenal, Southend and York City who are there on an almost weekly basis.


The Way

Located in deepest West Berlin, the Mommsenstadion is not the closest of grounds to the more central districts of Berlin; however, it is quite easily accessed via S-Bahn. S5 services in the direction of Spandau will lead you to Messe Sud Station. If you are lucky, there will be a few fans dotted around who you’ll be able to follow up to the Stadium. If not, just turn right outside of the station exit and continue walking through the woods. The stadium is on your right hand side.

The Food

Bratwurst , Boulette and Brezel are available from the kiosk on your left as you enter the ground and Brezel are available from the Beer stand in E-Block. Prices are around the €2.50 mark for meat and €1.50 for Brezel but I’ll need to verify that when I am next there. They are also one of the only clubs in Berlin to stock Vegetarian food but I couldn’t possibly comment on price or quality of this as I am a certified Wurst addict.

The Beer

€3.00 + €1 pfand/deposit for a 0,4 glass of Berliner. Annoyingly, the most expensive beer in the league but it is a vital ingredient for any afternoon or evening at the Mommsenstadion. Be sure to ask for a loyalty card as well, particularly if you are planning a bit of a session as 8 stamps will earn you a free beer.


The Tax

€7 for an adult, €5 for a concession. €1 programmes available on the gate.

Photos included are provided with thanks to Ian at No Dice Magazine ( and

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