Club and Stadium Report: FC Internationale Berlin 1980

For the first time since starting this blog, I have decided to delve even deeper in to the Berlin league pyramid and on Saturday, I had the pleasure of sitting in sunny Schoeneberg and taking in a Landesliga clash between FC Internationale and Mariendorfer SV. The home side won 4-1 in what was a surprisingly high tempo and free flowing affair. Here is the profile of their club and stadium.


The History

Formed in 1980, FC Internationale was set up initially as a statement against the growing commercialization of football in Berlin and Germany as a whole and were founded on the principles of playing for sportsmanship and fun. Since this date, the first team have floated between the Kreisliga, Bezirkliga and most recently the Landesliga, in which they currently compete. The club have 900 members from more than 38 nations, a make up that truly reflects their name. Finally, they are also known for taking a tough stand against racism and recently combined their anti-commercial principles with their anti-racist stance when they waived their shirt sponsorship in favour of the simple slogan of “No Racism”. In 2013, they won the Integration Prize from the DFB and this is a true honour and a testament to the hard work put in by those behind the scenes.

Another article that delves slightly deeper in to the founding principles and the focus on inclusivity can be found here This article was written by Felix at Groundhopping etc. (



The Stadium

Although the club have 2 stadiums, the 1st team games usually take place at the Monumentenstrasse Sportplatz in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district. Quite a simple affair, the ground has 1 side of terracing, including a few seats and then the rest is mostly just lined with grass. One thing to add of note was the quality of the pitch which was at a very high standard. There is also an artificial pitch that backs on the main stadium and is used during the bitter, Berlin winter.


The Way

Take the S1 train in the direction of Potsdam to Julius Leber Bruecke. Exit the station to your left and turn on to Czeminskistrasse, walk for 450m and turn right on the Monumentenstrasse, the stadium is on your right hand side.

The Food

Good selection of meat on the grill including Bratwurst (€1.50), Sujuk (€1.50) and Steaks. I had a Bratwurst and it fell very much in to the generic Stadionwurst category. Good, necesscary but nothing special.


The Beer
€1.50 for 0.3l of Veltins or €2 for 0.4l. This seemed to depend largely on what cups they had left as to which you would be charged upon placing your order.

The Tax

€5 for full paying adults, €3 for everybody else

Photos included are courtesy of Ian at No Dice Magazine ( and and Felix at Groundhopping etc. (

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