Club and Stadium Report- 1.FC Wilmersdorf

Another feature we are going to try and include on the blog is to profile the Clubs and Stadiums that make our weekends so much more entertaining. The aim is to provide a balanced view on what you should expect from a trip to these stadiums and also a brief bit of history surrounding the clubs involved.

1.FC Wilmsersdorf

1.FC Wilmsersdorf

In the first of these, we are having a look at last seasons 6th placed BerlinLiga side, 1.FC Wilmersdorf  at their opening match of the season versus Stern 1900.

The History

1.FC Wilmersdorf were formed in 1989 as a fusion between the Football divisions of Wilmersdorfer SC and SV Preussen Wilmersdorf. As a relatively new club, 1.FC Wilmersdorf have spent the majority of their 23 year existence in the lower echelons of the German Pyramid. In their modern form, Wilmersdorf’s crowning moments where their Berlin Liga victory in 1993/1994 which subsequently led to 2 seasons in the Oberliga (1994/1995 and 1995/1996) which was the 4th tier of German football at this particular time. In recent years, the club have moved between the BerlinLiga and the Landesliga and this seems to be a level that the club, and the facilities are very comfortable with.

The Stadium

The Sportanlage Blissestrasse an der Volkspark is located on the edge of the beautiful Volkspark Wilmersdorf. With 2 all-weather pitches, the club have the facilities in place to cope with life in the BerlinLiga and are able to accommodate up to 1000 supporters in the stadium (although, I fear this would be a step to far for the stadium!). Although the stadium is very much of the “metal fence around an artificial pitch” mould that is so common in Amateur German Football, it has a fantastic clubhouse and food facilities more than making up for the slight lack of character within the stadium. They also have Sky Sports in the bar meaning that it is always possible to watch the Bundesliga games over a cheap beer following a BerlinLiga match.

The Way

You can get there either by taking the U1 to Berliner Strasse or the U7 to Blissestrasse. Both are a short walk to the ground. Otherwise, it is possible to go to Schoeneberg S-Bahnhof and have a 30 minute walk through both Volkspark Schoeneberg and Volkspark Wilmersdorf which is highly recommended for the more active among you.

The Beer

The clubhouse sells Schultheiss from the tap and a selection of other local pilseners and wheat beers are available in bottles. At €2.50 a pint, it’s hard to complain despite the obvious shortcomings of one of Berlin’s oldest brews.

The Food

A good selection of food was available from the Grill and this included Bratwurst (€1.50) and Steaks (€2.50). The club also has a very friendly clubhouse with a sizeable menu. Between us we sampled the Currywurst and Schnitzel which were both very tasty and at €6.50 each, both were definitely worth every penny.

The Tax
€7 for a full paying adult, €5 for a concession, €3 for a kid


11/08/2013 – Results


SV Tasmania Berlin v Hertha 03 Zehlendorf 0-2
VFB Hermsdorf v SC Staaken 3-3
TSV Rudow v TUS Makkabi 3-1
SF Johannistahl v SC Gatow 0-2
1.FC Wilmersdorf v SFC Stern 1900 0-1
BSV Eintracht Mahlsdorf v SV Sparta Lichtenberg 4-1


VfB Germania Halberstadt v FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin 2-2
Berliner Athletik Klub 07 v 1.FC Magdeburg 3-1
FSV Zwickau v Hertha BSC II 5-3


BFC Dynamo v 1.FC Neubrandenburg 04 3-1
BSV Huertuerkel v SV Lichtenberg 47 1-1


10/08/2013 – Results


Hertha BSC v Eintracht Frankfurt 6-1


Dynamo Dresden v 1.FC Union Berlin 1-3 (played Friday 09 August 2013 at 18.30)


Koepenicker SC v Empor Berlin 3-0
Tennis Borussia Berlin v Berliner SC 1-1
Reineckendorfer Fuchse v Nordberliner SC  1-1

Regionalliga Nordost

1.FC Union Berlin II v FSV Wacker Nordhausen 3-1
VFB Auerbach v SV Babelsberg 03 0-3

All Berlin Teams to play on Sunday 11th August 2013


Berlin Liga – Matchday #1 – 10/08/2013

BerlinLiga – Round Up – Matchday #1 (Saturday 10th August 2013)

Man-of-the-Match FabienThokhomeni delivers one of many dangerous crosses for TeBe

Man-of-the-Match Fabien Thokhomeni delivers one of many dangerous crosses for TeBe

Saturday saw the return of the BerlinLiga with 3 games played out across the city. It was a story of both new and old as 2 of the leagues new boys played their first matches of life at the 6th level and Tennis Borussia Berlin saw the closest thing they have to a legend return to the Mommsenstadion in the shape of Micha Fuss.

In arguably the game of the day, Koepenicker SC welcomed Empor Berlin to Wendenschlossstrasse to get their season under way. Empor were my surprise package in pre-season and success and goals are things that I have predicted for the season ahead so it came as a great surprise for me to see that 2 goals from Jeffery Gleisinger and a goal from substitute, Simon Gusman gave Koepenicker SC a winning start to life in the BerlinLiga. An encouraging start and a statement of intent from the new boys to the division.
In the days other games, Tennis Borussia Berlin saw a man famed for scoring over 60 goals in an Oberliga season whilst maintaining a strict dietary plan of booze and fags return to the club. In excess of 400 people descended upon the Mommse to welcome their hero home and he did not disappoint. In a typically “lazy” performance, he spent most of the time covering the same 5 meter patch of grass which left me wondering what all the “Fuss” was about (excuse the pun..) but with 74 minutes on the clock, the hype was justified as Fuss ran on to a fabulous through-ball from my Man of the Match, Fabien Thokomeni and found himself one on one with Mirco Langen in the Berliner SC goal and calmly dispatched the ball over his head and in to the back of the net. Sadly for the Eichkamp boys it was not to be there day, despite the relentless pressure throughout the game, scores were levelled with 9 minutes to go as Alexander Kynass in the TeBe goal found himself running out to far and leaving Tolgay Asma to slot the ball in to the goal and pull things level. Another special mention goes to another Tennis Borussia new boy, Hamdi Chamkhi who put in a very good performance. We look forward to seeing him again soon and hope that he can build on all the positives from the opening day of the season.
Saturday also saw another of the leagues new boys play their first game at the 6th level as Nordberliner SC travelled to “Freedom Way” to play the formidable Reineckendorfer Fuechse. It was the hosts who took the lead in this Nordberlin Derby as Julian Baersch opened the scoring after 15 minutes, however, it was only 4 minutes later when Sven Ralf equalised for the visitors and that is how it remained for the rest of the game.
A round-up on Sundays games will follow tomorrow. Results from other Berlin teams in action on Saturday will follow later on today and we will also be previewing this weeks action in the BerlinLiga.

Tom Irving


(photo courtesy of D.A.W.B)


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